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Features and Advantages

Salient Features

  • First time in Asia
  • Pollution Controlboard Approved
  • Not an incinerator
  • Melts the pad into biodegradable ash
  • Different models for Institutions and Household
  • Needs only 550w/350w of power
  • Only 0.36/0.24 units for disposing 10/2 pads at a time within 40 minutes.
  • Ash collection capacity of the removable tray is for 50 pads.
  • Rust proof casing
  • Compact design
  • Patent pending Registered design Pattern No 240275


  • Privacy : Provided the needed privacy
  • Protection : Keeps the Surroundings free from harmful bacteria
  • Safety: No fire and smoke hazards
  • Convenience: Easy to operate
  • Comfort: Can be comfortably wallmounted in the bathroom
  • Hygiene : Maintains overall hygiene.