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These days it is not necessary to explain about sanitary pads to a grown up girl/lady. Millions of people are using it but many of them are unaware of its safe disposal.

Mentioned below are some common ways of its disposal and related problems

  • Bury them in soil : In cities, limited space is available for the pits and also will find the remainings even after several months of its burial causing environmental and pit filling issues.image-of-bacteria-in-a-used-sanitary-pad
  • Burning them:Several days collection of used pads which will have germs/bacteria will cause spreading of diseases and is particularly harmful for the people who handles it. Also kerosine like expensive fuel is needed a lot to burn the still wet pads.
  • Throwing them away along with other waste on the roadsides or unattended places/compounds:
    non-degradable The common site is that, birds and animals such as eagles,crows, stray dogs, cats or rats tear off the bags due to blood smell and will result in spreading of contagious diseases to human beings through them. They may also pollute our limited water resources such as wells, fresh water rivers, open water storage tanks etc.Also please note that the waste is collected as dry or wet but the used pads cannot be included in both.
  • Flush them in toilets: Some people who live in highrised buildings - flats , Block-due-to-sanitary-padseven flushed the used pads in toilets causing blockage of sanitary pipes forcing the waste water to leak through the joints, may de-face the appearance of the building and causing hardship for the plumbers. Also large number of pads which flushed down through the toilets end up in septic tanks where it will not disintegrate and will lead to over flow-causing odour and spreading of diseases from polluted water in the area where humanbeings inhabit.Studies reveal that a single flushing off the toilet needs 8to 10 litres of water which is getting scarce day by day and lakhs of litres is wasted every day
  • Sewage Related Debris:

    septic-tank-overflow-due-to-blockage-by-pads-flushedIn some cities sanitary lines are connected to common sewer which will end up in sea, where these pads along with other debris reaches beach or river banks due to waves.

    If a day old used pad of a normal lady has harmful germs/bacterial growth, imagine how harmful it will be of a lady's with infection or deadly diseases. It is high-time to think of disposing such pads safely.

  • Solution: San deletaa is the final word for the disposal of used sanitary pads safely, it is a small machine which can be mounted on walls in toilets or balcony etc. it is very useful in Houses, Flats, Offices, Hostels, Hospitals etc...wherever women are there, Available in 3 models, manual, automatic and semi automatic. This easily operated machine turns the used pads to sterile ash.